Denis Kolokol

composer, curator, promoter, art-critic, independent software developer

Lives and works in Cracow, Poland


Soundcloud — http://soundcloud.com/deniskolokol

Myspace — http://www.myspace.com/deniskolokol

LJ — http://indie-org-ua.livejournal.com/

Writings on art, design and multimedia (rus)

E-mail denis_kolokolATukrDOTnet


Started musical activity in early 2006. Since the end of 2006 has been a part of electroacoustic duo theVolume for acoustic guitar and computer. At the moment his collaborator in the project is Tomek Chołoniewski (drums and percussion).

In 2008-2009 completed music and developed interactive sound-systems for theater pieces Wszystkie rodzaje śmierci and U.F.O. Spotykacz (dir. — Paweł Passini, neTTheatre). In May 2009 the piece Wszystkie rodzaje śmierci won the national festival of dramatic arts R@aport (Gdynia, PL).
Since 2009 a member of the Polish Society for Electroacoustic Music PseME.

At the moment Denis is concentrated on the human repertoire: songs, chants, sound poetry, and extended vocal techniques. Uses his own voice for solo performances as well as collaborates with other vocalists. Produces music with use of the programming language SuperCollider for algorithmic composition, granular synthesis, live processing.

As a solo artist tries to combine non-intersecting or even quite the opposite things: interactive performance with algorithmic composition, granular synthesis with sound poetry, etc. The live performances are usually strong and loud, always highly emotional, but playful and not without a sense of humor.

Grants and scholarships

— Artist in residence in the Electroacoustic Music Studio (SME) of the Academy of Music in
Kraków, Poland 2008/02-07
— CECArtsLink fellow in 2009 http://www.cecartslink.org/
— CECArtsLink Independent Project in 2012 http://www.cecartslink.org/
— Mobility grant and residence Map Extension http://www.art4eu.net/ 2011



REPLICA festival (2006, 2007, Almaty KZ)
— Intermedium 2008, Intermedium 2008#2
(2008, Kraków PL)
— Unsound on tour (2008, Minsk BY)
— Unsound (2009, PL)
— Zone @ Secession
(2009, Vienn AU)
— Noc Muzeów (2010, Kraków PL, collaborator of Muzeum Narodowe w
— Ultrahang (October 2010, Budapest HU)
— Moving Closer (November 2010, Warsaw PL)
— Audio.Art & Audio.Art Supplement (March, November 2010, Kraków PL)

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