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Upcoming concerts: US tour

  Upcoming concerts in the US: dates and places

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Stochastic Improv 02: overvoiced

f/voice & electronics (SuperCollider, accelerometers, pressure sensors)
short improvised session recorded during the rehearsal
no edits, no overdubs, no regrets, no mercy


Upcoming concerts

theVolume at club Re 11/10/2011, start 16:30

as part of the UNSOUND festival: Eastern Bridges 1
presented with Foundamental (Belarus) and Audiotong (Poland)

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Stochastic Improv 01

f/voice & electronics
short improvised session recorded during the rehearsal
no edits, no overdubs, no regrets, no mercy


CD: PRES Revisited: Jósef Patkowski In Memoriam

i’m really happy this is out:

Bôłt. Polish Radio Experimental Studio, 2010 (2xCD)

i was involved in the project creating graphic scores of several pieces of Polish early electronic music to be performed acoustically by contemporary musicians. the result is just stunning! i recommend it both as a documentation of a groundbreaking project, as well as a compilation of exceptional music! it’s really HOT!

more info:

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Upcoming concerts

From pure audio to sound, from sound to syllable, from syllable to word, from word to text, from information to emotion — that’s how sense emerges. We call ‘sense’ is only what we can describe…
Can there be other sense behind this scheme?

Solo at Eszeweria cafeOctober, 05, 2010 20:30, Józefa, 9, Kraków PL

UH fest 2010 — October, 07, 2010 18:45 — Merlin, Gerlóczy u. 4., Budapest HU

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Pałosz/Kolokol — improv session @ Eszeweria

Mikołaj Pałosz (cello) and Denis Kolokol (voice) at Eszeweria cafe, Kraków 26.09.2010
short improvised session

will you still like me after this?! ))


Kevin M. Krebs / 833-45 (en)

«The radio for me is a fascinating and powerful thing of almost mythical proportions… Before the discovery of radio by Marconi and others, the ability of transmit & receive voices across vast distances was the sole province of the gods & goddesses.»

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